on healing, recharge + travel in a pandemic


I was lucky enough to be able to travel back to London for a while to connect with family, it was the longest it had ever been that we’d been apart, and returning to London in a post pandemic world was a very different city to what I left behind back in March. In a surprise twist, I had to head back to the states via Jamaica due to travel restrictions… and it was the unexpected detour I’ll cherish forever.

for 15 days, I quarantined by myself in the quiet resort town of Negril.  And Negril, well.. it’s paradise. A beautiful part of the island with both gorgeous clifftops and deep turquoise water with coral reefs, to calm peaceful beaches where the water is crystal clear, warm and shallow.. I met wonderful people who all showed me such amazing hospitality. I felt at home in Negril, and being a traveller during the pandemic was a trip.



Change. Evolution. Development. Metamorphosis.

You may have noticed my website has undergone a complete overhaul and that now this site exists for my words, and not my photos. Yes that’s right… I finally have a professional website for my photography work! *cheers*

That means that this little blog right here is getting kicked back into action. A place for me to reflect, talk to you guys (yes- I actually have an audience now – hi!) and just, ya know, try to navigate the intricacies of young adult life while also trying to take over the world and become a boss. Light work.

The importance of knowing one’s flaws. 


So what’s the point in all this? It’s obvious that I’m far from perfect- none of us are, right? But by accepting that, I often wonder whether I’m achieving anything.  Does accepting you have flaws mean you’re well on your way to a path of self acceptance, confidence and perfect personhood? Well, the short answer is no. The long answer requires a more detailed explanation.

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.


A quote from Booker T. Washington, who if you didn’t know- was a pretty fucking awesome guy. He was born into slavery and yet managed to overcome his oppression and become an extremely powerful African-American leader. He even advised the President, and he spent his life using his political prowess to gain blacks equal social rights. Cool dude. (Thanks Wikipedia)