Where will we go? A late post.


Do you ever wonder about the passing of time?  Sometimes I feel like I’m just floating through life. Tonight I’m thinking about everything I’ve achieved so far. Everything I’ve been through, and every thing I haven’t yet experienced.

Life is a complicated thing.

Like a finely woven tapestry. We all interconnect at different points. Sometimes the world feels so small, but at other times it feels so vast it almost saddens me to know I’ll never be able to explore it all. In life we can only ever meet a finite amount of people. It leaves me wondering if I’ll meet the right people in mine.

I’m doing good. (No, I’m not depressed.. Just pondering) Things are good with work, good with life, I’m excited for what’s to come. It’s a strange feeling this. I can’t explain it.

*20 minutes later*

Drake came on shuffle and got me out of my weird mood haha. I wonder if anyone reads these. Well. I know some of you do, so hello there *waves*. If you listen to Drake for too long you zone out into one of the many identifiable situationship issues he talks about and next thing you know you’ve listened to the whole album and you’re calling up your ex. (Ha.)

Just kidding. It’s weird, just blogging like this. I’ve never been this open about just, what’s going on in my mind really. I’m used to writing about stuff- But not this.

Hopefully I get better as I go along.

Drake is still singing depressed shit in my ear. I’m turning it off.

I love that. Pretty much the soundtrack to this post. Enjoy.

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