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So. I’m flying to Los Angeles tomorrow. TOMORROW. The adventure begins.This blog post is dedicated to Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It.

A song that signifies everything about it being friday night, wanting to get down with ya homies and of course, being in LA. (I’m determined to play this as our intro as we hit the club tomorrow night (In LA.. did i mention?)


Safe to say that I’m really ready to get out of this city. It’s raining, cold, work is getting on top of me and I just need space to breathe. It couldn’t come any sooner.

It seems I now actually have an audience- hello everyone! Welcome to the part of the internet that exclusively contains my pointless ramblings.

I’ve been very busy lately. Everything is going GREAT with the magazine ( if you haven’t checked it out already…. Work is good, sometimes I wake up and I really don’t want to go anywhere which is new- but I think it’s just a part of settling in. Full time work is a killer though.

Most nights I just come home and nod off before my friends get home. We’re all working now (yay!) but it means we’re all a lot busier. ūüė¶

So I fly out tomorrow and I haven’t packed let alone exchanged my pounds into dolla dolla bill$ yaaaa’lll (another Montell Jordan reference)¬†Instead here I sit in the office pretty much just¬†thinking about all the things I should be doing- without actually doing them.

In other news, I cut my hair! WOO! I reckon a few months now and it’ll be my ideal. Nearly all of the color has grown out.

It’s going a bit wild though…

bruh¬†See this? It’s the face of exhaustion. I AM EXHAUSTED.



Aaaanyway. I need to make like I’m at least doing something productive, like actual work, seeing as I am- at work- y’know…

Oh and, You’re welcome: * apologies for the creepy photo, close your eyes and vibe with it.

Peace & Love and all dat stuuuhhff

Neela x

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